Top 5 Health Benefits Of Indoor Plants

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Indoor Plants


We human beings shares natural connection with plants in many ways, one being plants providing us with Food, producing oxygen and helping us be mentally healthy in its surroundings.

With growth of urbanization and unlimited consumption at our disposal, and result of it, the air we breathe and surroundings that we live become polluted in all its essence, example the air in Indoor & Outdoors we breathe is bad, and noise pollution is beyond hazardous level.

Especially in cities, where this mayhem upon its population is out of proportions, which leading to unhealthy and undignified lifestyles embrace by individuals.

Leading to mental problems, lifestyle diseases and worse pre-matured deaths.

Though one can’t control outdoor pollution but he/she can make a significant decision to weed out Indoor pollution by installing more variety of houseplants in House or Office living spaces. And increase occupants health and well-being to utmost.

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Indoor Plants:

Improves Mental Health & Well-Being:

It is known fact, looking at green plants makes us calm and relaxed and help us reduce stress. Many academic researches proved that having Indoor plants covering living spaces will help person be less depressed.

And for working professionals having Indoor Plants on their desk or having he/she surrounded by with full of green things, will boost productivity and improve focus on their task at the hand.

Houseplants are top recommended for Office spaces or for Self-Employed knowledge professionals with computer or mobile devices in front of them longer time, will sure help to cope from distractions and negative mental thinking.

Increases Air-Purification:

Plants take carbon dioxide and emit oxygen during photosynthesis process. With crippled Indoor living spaces and poor air circulation especially in cities, is a major threat to cause of illness and respiratory problems.

Having Indoor Plants, in living spaces where occupants spend their much of time in a day, will be a sure helper in improving air quality at unbelievable levels.

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Reducing Air-Pollutants:

House articles such as clothing fibers, synthetic materials, wall paints, electronic devices.., etc emit air pollutants formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene or volatile organic compounds that causes sever impact on health.

The US premier space agency, NASA, in a research on advantage of having houseplants, has found having Indoor Plants reduces air-toxins and making breathable air more healthy and vigor.

Increases Humidity:

Having less humidity in living environment prone to rise of illness dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs.

Plants releases majority portion of water they consume into environment during photosynthesis process, filling living spaces with more humidity and ensuring respiratory illness kept at check.

Reduces Noise Pollution:

With economic growth pushing forward to unimaginable levels, leading to increase in use of automobiles and growing construction works in cities increased phenomenally across globe.

Due to which, a new wave of lifestyle diseases has to started to raise up at faster pace increase in Blood Pressure and others such.

Researches has found that having Plants in Inside and Outside living environment will considerable subsidize the level of noise pollution to a healthy mark. Because that plants and their leaves absorb, diffract or reflect background noise. And they are particularly good at absorbing high frequencies.

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