We offer premium quality plants on rental basis at Hyderabad with flexible packages and friendly staff at your service, we can handle green decor by high quality air purifier office plants at short notice. Get your favorite plants on rent to enjoy presence of nature without hassle, we have short and long term plans as per requirements.

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    Benefits Of Greener WorkSpace

    Indoor air is 10 times more polluted than air outdoors!

    IAQ can be improved at great extent by air purifier plants, there are several hundred studies conducted since 1981 & most of them have offered identical results. Green plants are wondrous in improving air quality, and their efficiency can be multiplied by scientific approach.

    Scientifically Measurable Results!

    Pre & post IAQ measurement result comparisons have shown over 35% reduction in VOCs such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, Carbon-monoxide, Xylene, Trichloroethylene etc and significant improvements in PM 1/2.5/10 levels just within 24 hrs of plants deployment.

    Detoxification,Decoration Combined!

    We offer high quality exotic tissue culture air purifier plants, premium grade planters, scientific potting mixture & the best maintenance service. Its about professional approach to meet quality corporate requirements otherwise raw plants available every here & there.

    Why to Choose Us?

    • Hassle free!

      We care every bit required to plan, install and maintain plants at your premises.
    • No Hidden Charges

      No expenses on plants procurement and hiring maintenance staff.
    • Wide Collection

      We have wide collection of plants contributing to possession of largest nursery.
    • Free Maintenance

      Plants always remain fresh as we offer free maintenance with rentals.
    • Replacement

      We replace plants where as it’s needed without interventions.
    • Its all Easy

      Customers can easily change the plans, we are flexible to add, remove.

    How it Works?

    Its 2 weeks process, first week goes in meeting, selection of plants and quotation, while second week is the time when we prepare and execute.

    • Meeting

      Meeting with the customer to understand requirement, spotting locations etc.
    • Quotation

      Post meeting we finalize estimate and request for work order to proceed.
    • Processing

      We prepare plants and planters and perform sanity checks.