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Miniature Jade Bonsai (scientific name Crassula ovata) commonly known as friendship treelucky plant, or money tree is an evergreen with thick branches. It has thick, shiny, smooth, leaves that grow in opposing pairs along the branches. Leaves are a rich jade green, although some may appear to be more of a yellow-green. Under the right conditions, they may produce small white or pink star-like flowers in early spring.

Plant Type: Outdoor, All Season Plant

Product Height. 6 to 12 Inches (including pot)

Age: 2 years

Caring instructions:

Position: The Jade tree is considered an indoor tree in most temperate zones, although it can be grown outdoors in full sun (and sufficiently high temperatures). Keep temperatures above 5 degrees C (or 41F) at all times. It needs lots of light or even full sun.

Watering: Jade trees can hold large amounts of water inside their leaves. Water sparsely and allow the plant to dry out a little bit between watering. During winter time watering can be as seldom as once every three weeks. The Jade Bonsai is not as particular about over-watering as most other succulents.

Fertilizing: For proper jade plant care, fertilize your jade plant about once every six months. Use a balanced water soluble fertilizer. An important thing to keep in mind is that you should water your jade plant in the regular way and then water it with the fertilizer water. Never fertilize your jade plant when the soil is dry, as this will damage the roots.

Pruning: As a succulent, water is contained its trunk and branches; they tend to bend from their weight. Jades respond well to pruning, which should be done regularly to force the tree to grow branches also lower on its trunk. Do not use cut-paste though, as this might lead to rotting.

Repotting: Repot the tree every second year in spring, using a very well-draining soil mixture.

Propagation: Easy to propagate using cuttings during the summer.

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