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Chukka Kura Seeds Buy Online 

  • Weight: 10 grams.
  • Number of Seeds per 10 grams:  500 approximately.

CkukkaKura is easy to grow in any type of vegetable garden.Growing chukkakura from seeds is easy to grow in any vegetable garden. Katta palak takes 30 days from seed to harvest it usually without much effort. Chukka kura performs well with mild climate and not in hot temperatures. They can easily grow outdoors or in containers.

Khatta Palak Seeds Purchase at Plantkart

It’s very important to buy organic chukkakura seeds from a trusted source.  Now you can buy chukka kura seeds online from plantkart, an online nursery located in Hyderabad.

Climatic requirements:

  •  Though Chukka Kura prefers a mild climate and will not do well in extremely hot temperatures, it does like full sun.

Soil requirements: 

  • It can be grown well in all kind of soil.
  • The Optimum pH range between 6.5 and 7.0.


  • Sow your seeds 12-14 cm apart at a depth of 1⁄2inch (1.3 cm).
  • Keep soil moist to speed germination and encourage quick growth
  • Sow the 2-3 seeds per pit and thin the seedlings to 1.
  • Water regularly.
  • Seedling takes place within 4-6 days from the date of sowing.


  • Harvesting of Chukka Kura can start after 5 to 7 weeks of sowing.
  • Don’t wait too long to harvest, or wait for larger leaves; bitterness will set in quickly after maturity

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