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Buy Methi Seeds Online in Hyderabad

The Methi Seeds are also known as the Fenugreek Seeds. Buy Fenugreek Seeds Online from India’s Largest Online Plant Nursery Plantkart. Methi is an herb similar to clover that is native to the Mediterranean region, southern Europe, and western Asia. The seeds are used in cooking, to make medicine, or to hide the taste of other medicine. Fenugreek seeds smell and taste somewhat like maple syrup.

Methi Seeds Online @ Plantkart

Name of the plant: Methi Seeds

Weight: 10 grams.
Number of Seeds per 10 grams:  500 approximately

Common name: Methi

Bloom time: Summer

Soil requirements:   

  • will do well in all types of soil but poorly aerated clay soils
  • pH  range between  6.0 to 7.0


  • Sow seeds early in the season and cover lightly with soil.
  • Space seeds or seedlings 10-12″ apart.
  • They will tolerate a little crowding, and look good in clumps or groups

Height: Plants grown in average garden soil will be 4 to 6 tall, while those grown in rich soil or compost may reach over 8 feet.

Watering: Water them during dry periods, once or twice per week

Harvest: Harvesting of Methi can start after 6 to 8 weeks of sowing.
Don’t wait too long to harvest, or wait for larger leaves; bitterness will set in quickly after maturity.

Difficulty Level: Easy

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