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Succulent bunches are thick, fleshy plants that are usually grown to absorb water in dry climate or soil conditions. The Term Succulent is a Latin word where succus means juice or sap. Succulent plants can survive indoors due to its broad stems or enlarge roots that allow plants to store water.

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In addition Some of the Indoor succulents are Pincushion Cactus, Roseum, Zebra plant and Aloe Vera. Outdoor succulents need well-drained soil and they can grow vigorously in cracks, rockeries, and sandy or gritty soils. Some of the Outdoor plants are Hens and Chicks, Ball Cactus, Plush Plant, and Torch Plant.

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Most succulents need sun protection, mainly if the temperature touches 90-degree marks or if the plant is small. Succulent bunches are of many types and are used in home decorations, bridal bouquets, interior designing. Succulents are great for people who are busy or just aren’t that great at taking care of plants as succulent plants are low. Succulent bunches are great for office corners, any bedroom decors and for gifting too.

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