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Top 5 Health Benefits Of Indoor Plants

We human beings shares natural connection with plants in many ways, one being plants providing us with Food, producing oxygen and helping us be mentally healthy in its surroundings. With growth of urbanization and unlimited consumption at our disposal, and result of it, the air we breathe and surroundings that we live become polluted in all its essence, example the air in Indoor & Outdoors we breathe is bad, and noise pollution is beyond hazardous level. Especially in cities, where this mayhem [...]

Where To Keep Lucky Bamboo In Home & Office With 5 Tips

Luck, might be just a four letter word, but it puts every person with age and gender differences alike on their toes and fancy them to find ways to bring it in their lives. Bcz of Luck’s sheer power to help in turn around things and achieve personal or business goals that desired. What if this goodwill Luck can be welcomed into our lives in green and pleasant thing i.e Lucky Bamboo plant. Lucky Bamboo plant, scientifically also known as Dracaena braunii, was [...]

Top 5 Indoor Plants That You Should Have In Your Home

Today’s word and common mantra across world is Growth & Development. Every modern human being on Earth, wakes up to a day seeking and working hard to achieve his/her aspirations consistently. This was, been doing so at a cost of individual mental and physical health by disconnecting from nature. In good olden days, one might remember seeing every house in a street having a plantation outside or in-house garden with full of indoor Air-Purifier and Flower plants and among others. Which makes every [...]