Top Medicinal Flower Plants You Should Have In Home

Top Medicinal Flower Plants You Should Have In Home

Flower plants indication in pictorial format

Looking at a flower or having yourself surrounded by bright and beautiful colors of flowers known to have much greater on positive side of your psyche, and making your day the best.

Having a great day and living with best moments is what human beings work hard and crave for, but without proper mood balance and giving into stress and anxiety can cripple a person mentally and physically.

Research indicates, a person surrounded by flowers have shown able to tune their moods to that makes them best and be creative and productive, reduce their anxiety, improve relaxation and aid in from psychological problems.

Well this is much about health benefits of flowers in mental aspects; let’s take a look at medicinal benefits of flowers that are Edible and Herbal which help you relieve from general and nominal health problems. (Note: It is recommended first to consult medical expert.)

Top Medicinal Flower Plants & Their Health Benefits:



Jasmine is a best fragrant climber and creeper flowering plant, takes moderate maintenance and tolerates humidity, grows in shade areas. Physical health benefits of Jasmine flower plant include helps with digestive issues, stomach ulcers and ulcers. And taking brew of the fragrant plant flower with cup of tea reduces insomnia and anxiety.



Rose flower are known universally as symbol of love, but do you known flower petals of the fragrant plant are source of Vitamin C, good for skin scare, increases immunity power, improves blood circulation, reduce depression and much more. Rose petals can be eaten raw or as in brewed is good for human consumption.



Passiflora or Passion Flowers which are available in different varieties of colors, the substance made from the flower have good effect on calming nerves and reduce pain. It has medicinal properties of treating insomnia, anxiety, and inflammation from skin irritations and ADHD problems.



Lotus flowers are pre-dominantly used most of countries in eastern part of the world, asian cultures for its prominence in devotional purposes as it was likened by Gods. Besides devotional importance, Lotus are rich source of Vitamin A and C, the roots of fragrant flowering plant reduces cardiovascular diseases, reduces anxiety and stress, improves digestions and immune system.

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