Where To Keep Lucky Bamboo In Home & Office With 5 Tips

series of lucky bamboo plants placed beside together creating a ambient indoor environment

Luck, might be just a four letter word, but it puts every person with age and gender differences alike on their toes and fancy them to find ways to bring it in their lives. Because of Luck’s sheer power to help in turn around things and achieve personal or business goals that desired.

What if this goodwill Luck can be welcomed into our lives in green and pleasant thing i.e Lucky Bamboo plant.

Lucky Bamboo plant, scientifically also known as Dracaena braunii, was named after Henry Frederick Conrad Sander, a well known nurseryman and enthusiast in plants.

Lucky Plant is famous indoor plant in India and would most notably seen many of households in the south-Asian country.

The Ribbon Plant is known for its propagation of Feng Shui in living environment, a positive energy vibes across in plant surroundings, helping the occupants to have inspired mental and well-being and succeed them to achieve their goals in their lives.

The plant was considered as one among that can help in bringing elements of Feng shui, that promotes of culture happiness and prosperity into home and office environments.

Where To Keep Lucky Bamboo Plant In Home & Office:

Lucky Bamboo Plant As Decoration:

lucky bamboo plant in small glass vase filled with pebble with short stem and leaves sprouting from the plant

In market at plant nursery store or on online nursery, Lucky Plant will be found available in different sizes (small & large) and in among other varieties.

Small size friendship plant, is available in Lucky logs, each lucky bamboo plant is stacked together in red ribbon and placed in glass vase that filled with small stones and pebbles with water.

These small plants are convenient to move across the places in room, and its position of direction can be adjusted to based on desire to which element of Feng Shui person seeking for.

The large size Lucky Bamboo plants are pretty aesthetic for to increase value of indoor decoration, beautification of living or office room with its long height and thick stem and leaves, and suitable for building up greenery and refreshing Indoor environment.

Lucky Bamboo Plant In Aquarium

lucky bamboo plant immersed in water in an aquarium with fish

Having an Aquarium with water filled near to brim, with different color fishes and planting the lucky bamboo plants in the water, brings unique atmosphere, reliving and serenity of whole essence with Indoor décor value.

The lucky plant planted in water, should be ensured making stem of plant of in water. The water gets aerated and oxygenated which is healthy for fishes and also improves air purification of indoor atmosphere.

Positioning Lucky Plant To Bring The Desired Charm:

bunch of lucky or friendship plants in small plastic planters

Placing a the friendship plant at desired at important areas can help bring positive energy to occupants.

Positioning the plant in East side, believed to bring Health & Well-being to people at Home & Office.

And placing the Lucky bamboo plant in South-East zone (SE) attracts money & wealth, tiding out from financial hassles and achieving prosperity.

Lucky plant grows to height of 2 to 3 feet, they are easy-to grow and low-maintenance house plant purifies air, removes pollutants, increases Indoor décor value and brings sense of peace and happiness of its greenery and above all this, the money plant believed to be bring a turnaround in lives, provided steps are to follow as structured to unleash its potential of spreading luck and goodness.

Feng Shui completeness of propagating positiveness is summed upto number of virtue elements like love, abundance, health, wealth,..etc that be brought into a living environment is depends up on number of Lucky bamboo logs that stacked together.

And important to note and avoid, bringing or giving a Lucky bamboo plant with 4 lucky logs as gift to someone, bcz the 4 logs of the plant indicates wishing of death.

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